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Meet Kasia

Founder of Conscious Leading Solutions L.L.C & Executive Business Leadership Coach

Born in Poland. A child of the Communist political system. Perfect mold to remain unchanged, not to stand out, and to follow and to obey. Well controlled and manipulated. Although I did not support the socialist philosophy, it gave me a strong foundation to whom I have become. The circumstances thought me that you cannot ever forget where you came from. That is your foundation and the base of your personal journey to rediscover yourself. At the same time, what it did not teach me, was how to be bold and creative; how to break the chains that strangle you and clip your wings and even though you know you can fly, yet never have the courage to take off.

Through a chain of events which led me first to Canada and then over to the US over the course of the last sixteen years, I ended traveling to Nepal where I climbed Ganesh Himal Summit at over 20,000 feet. During this unique experience, I subconsciously stepped out of my comfort zone of what I have always know about myself, and was able to discover who I want to be and who I no longer want to be. Without consciously knowing bac then, I crossed the river of change…..

Several years gone by since I “flipped the switch”. Since then, I set myself on the mission to assist people on their journey to discover their mountain and step over the edge, so they can live, love, lead with clarity, on purpose and with passion.

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Thrive Personally, Lead Impactfully

As person’s journey of development is not an easy one and human nature is not fixed, I work with individuals and teams in broadening their perspectives, building resilience and cognitive flexibility while increasing their emotional awareness, creative thinking and focus, to elevate their chances of success.

Results: improved career experience, strengthened company culture, accelerated performance, employee engagement and gained incremental productivity.

I assist mid-corporate-sized and growing businesses’ with challenges relating to leadership development, corporate culture, team effectiveness, talent acquisition and retention, innovation and creativity.

Your Pathway to CHANGE

Individually tailored solutions helps you to step into your higher organizational potential that intersects with your business objectives while instilling a new mindset, breaking the stigma of old assumptions, unlearning, and relearning to deliver new game-changing results.

Recalibrating and optimizing approach to managing talent, developing next generation of leaders and creating desirable leadership culture in today’s ever-changing work environment minimizes the cost of people initiatives and employee programs while enhancing business and leadership skills, interpersonal effectiveness, and productivity.

Team Evaluation & Analysis

Providing the information and highly actionable business intelligence encompassing specific action plans and priorities that establish a foundation to increase team and organizational effectiveness.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Developing and innovating human intellectual and social capabilities to achieve higher levels of performance and secure sustainable competitive advantage.

Culture Analysis

Delivering test of the Leadership Culture, creating rationale for change, re-focusing leadership efforts, and addressing challenges associated with mergers, acquisitions, and any restructuring initiatives.

Recruitment and Selection

Designing Recruitment and Selection Benchmarking Guide to incorporate into company’s procedures. Providing New Hire screening and interview assessments to select top performers based on personality, values and drivers which are imperative factors when considering an employee for hire at any level.

Exit Interviews

Conducting Exit Interviews to provide instrumental insight into what happens behind the silos walls and to deliver a glimpse into employees thinking -why they stay, why they leave, and how the organization needs to adapt in order to create a Competitive Advantage as well as to meet their expectations.

Comprehenisve Surveys & Assessments

Facilitating Assessments, 360 feedback surveys and personality evaluations for personal and professional development to unlock Human Potential, expand awareness, increase connectivity, bring understanding and provide an insight either for selecting new team members or developing talent within the organization.

What’s In It For You?

Pathway to CHANGE delivers a palpable change in behavior and performance and tangible and measurable benefits:


  • Connector.

    Increased Confidence

  • Connector.

    Increased Effectivness

  • Connector.

    Clarified Values, Objectives & Goals

  • Connector.

    Improved Communication

  • Connector.

    Dismantled Fears and Limiting Believes

  • Connector.

    Increased Competency Levels


  • Connector.

    Accelerated Performance

  • Connector.

    Clearly defind Golas and Objectives

  • Connector.

    Identified Team's Strenghts & Weaknesess

  • Connector.

    Clearly Defind Team Roles

  • Connector.

    Increased Collaboration

  • Connector.

    Amplified Collaboration


  • Connector.

    Engaged Coarporate Culture

  • Connector.

    Reduced Negativity

  • Connector.

    Strenghten Committment

  • Connector.

    Grater Flexibility

  • Connector.

    Increased Innovation & Crativity

  • Connector.

    Improved Morale and Productivity


Change Your Mind, Create New Results…


with Kasia Jamroz

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See What Kasia’s Clients Say

“She attended to each of our needs, regardless of how complicated they were, always with a smile, leaving you feeling truly valued.”

“I met Kasia during a week-long intensive retreat during which she served as a Team Leader for our group of about 60 people, and she was absolutely fabulous! She was able to organize our diverse group to share information, address questions and concerns, and make sure that each of us had a wonderful experience. She is warm, funny, caring, compassionate, responsive, and has lots of energy. She attended to each of our needs, regardless of how complicated they were, always with a smile, leaving you feeling truly valued. When you reach out to her, you can expect a very timely response, so you are not waiting and wondering when she’ll get back to you. She is generous with her time and makes you feel valued, regardless of reason for which you have reached out to her.” —Manhal W.

“Kasia is an excellent business executive coach to work with. She is a great listener. She also asks the right questions, helping you find the answers yourself. She is very committed and structured in her approach. Kasia helped me set my own goals and gave me the tools to be able to achieve them. I am profoundly grateful for having had a chance to work with Kasia, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.”

—Adela Pozder-Cengic
Program Manager / Head of Sector at UNDP

“Working with Kasia and having her as a coach was a very rewarding experience. Starting with The Leadership Circle exercise gave us the ability to see how I perceived myself compared to how others perceived me. The data points with noticeable gaps gave us areas to focus on. From there we reflected on what changes could be made to improve and then put those plans into action. This year was a record breaking year for my company and I believe Kasia’s coaching played a role in our growth. Kasia consistently pushed me outside of my comfort zone by asking some hard, but important questions. I would highly recommend Kasia to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.”

—Steven Buchta
CEO at Corporate Creations

“Kasia was very helpful during a very challenging period in my life last year. ‘I have the questions, you have the answers’ sounded too good to be true at first. Not when Kasia asks the questions. The right questions. Every session was bringing something new, and within just a few sessions she helped me to get to the bottom of the problems and it was a huge relief to understand the reasons behind my behavior. She not only has the knowledge, but a true gift to listen and understand what you need. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

—Dominika Knossalla
Trainer at Puppy Prep

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