Leadership Development
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Transforming Organization Each Person at a Time

A Bersin by Deloitte research study revealed that organizations that are effective at coaching are:

more likely to have strong business result

more effective at engaging employees

higher in employee productivity

Are you developing your people or just managing the numbers?

Manage Resources—Coach People

A recent Gallup study highlights that 71% of American Public goes to the jobs that they hate. They are working jobs that don’t challenge them. They go to jobs and already know how far they can go, see that proverbial glass ceiling that erodes self-esteem, lowers sense of identity and makes people discouraged, disillusioned, and uninspired. People want to work towards higher purpose and to feel good about themselves and their leaders.

A leader’s voyage of development is not an easy one. Some people change little in their lifetimes; some change substantially. Despite the undeniably crucial role of genetics, human nature is not fixed. Those who are willing to work at developing themselves and becoming more self-aware can almost certainly evolve over time into truly transformational leaders. Corporations that help their individuals, executives and leadership teams examine their styles can reap rich rewards.

An effective leadership style often requires changing behavior and adjusting underlying mindsets.

To actually address the root causes of why leaders act the way they do instead of avoiding the inconvenient truth. The degree of discomfort leaders are willing to put themselves through is highly correlated with the significant degree of new levels of performance. Recognition of “below the surface” thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and beliefs constitutes a prerequisite of any behavioral change—one too often neglected in many leadership development programs. While some of the personality preferences take time to “stretch”, people can change the way they see the world and start communicating from their highest values.

Know yourself and people around you—strengths, weaknesses and reasoning characteristic. Leverage these insights to elevate chance of your success.
Values, motives and preferences constitute the core of each personality. They determine how we interact with the world, how predictable is our behavior and how we view and interpret reality. Getting along and getting ahead stirs the group dynamics, shape the hierarchy and power structure of the team and regulates how we make decisions and – in turn – how we find meaning, order and structure in life. Group effectiveness is a function of survival. Status, power and survival shapes the leadership framework. Who we are determines how we lead, how we lead—shapes group functionality which in turns preordains organizational performance.

Are you a speaker or communicator?

Learn to communicate, deliver clarity and create a meaningful vision for yourself and your organization. The investment in discretionary efforts to improve the quality of your workplace experience will inevitably reflect in the quality of employees’ performance.

Learn how to thrive in any corporate setting through application of Conscious Leadership which embraces coaching and mentoring instead of managing resources.

“People drive your numbers. Your numbers don’t drive your people. Look at your organization as a team and your employees as a players. Each day is a performance review.”

Leadership Development & Coaching

provides a palpable change in behavior by bringing tangible and measurable benefits:

Personal & Professional Success

With support and empowerment of Professional Business Coach along the way, you will get to a place where you can learn, grow, develop, and achieve personal and professional success. One-on-one coaching relationship is highly customized to individual and corporate values and needs.

Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

Use of assessments and 360 Feedback surveys expedites the coaching results by emphasizing strengths and pinpointing blind spots. Dismantling limiting beliefs and their origins, removing labels and assumptions, creating self–awareness around own Identity (how do “I” see myself) and Reputation (the “YOU” that others see) all allow transformation to take place.

Leaps in Efficiency & Skills

It allows for what was impossible before to happen, and to shape future behaviors, actions and outcomes. Reflection, remodeled beliefs, self–discovery and attentiveness lead to effective actions and leaps in personal efficiency, excellence, integrity and skills needed to relate and communicate powerfully and successfully.


It is difficult to see the whole picture when you’re trapped inside the frame.

When you know somebody is bringing the best out of you, not for the bottom line benefits but for YOU—it builds trust and unlocks the highest potential, which we all crave.  It will pay big dividends to have a Leadership Coach with an objective set of eyes to look at your situation from a different vantage point.

Great executives, leaders, professionals don’t simply have a coach. They want to have a coach.

See What Kasia’s Clients Say

“Kasia Jamroz has my highest recommendation as an Executive Coach. She has the natural ability to uncover issues without being intrusive, and provides the guidance and tools needed to work through it. Because of Kasia’s insight, I see things more objectively — both in others and in myself. I will take the valuable lessons I learned from Kasia with me as I continue in my career. Kasia really made a difference!”

—Gina McLean
Vice President – Operations,
HUB International

“Kasia is an excellent executive coach. She has provided me with excellent tools to manage my time and execute more effectively overall. I recommend Kasia highly.”

—Marc Mehalakes
Vice President at Hub International

“I met Kasia during a pivotal transition in my life. If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure how much I would have persisted during this time. Kasia helped me to express myself and reprioritize my values. She taught me how to trust myself and gave me the strength I needed to ignore my irrational doubts. Kasia has the gift of genuine empathy and is skilled at connecting our human experience to create meaning in our lives. She was exactly what I needed. I cannot thank Kasia enough and I highly recommend her to everyone.”

—Jena Mahne, MS
Career Development Professional

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